Images from Dagaawie – My native homeland in the Upper West Region of Ghana

Posted on December 20th, 2013 by

Learn some Dagaare as you enjoy these beautiful images. The Dagaare names of the pictures are provided with translations.

Zuongpong Zuonpong – porcupine

Woor Wuo – Elephant

Songk-firewood carrier Suong – Firewood carrier

Saaluong  Saaluong – Okra (aka Okro in Ghana)

kpangkpol  Kpangkpoli – hen without feathers

kpaanga  Mwaanga – Monkey

koolokolo  Kolokolo Daah – Male Turkey

Gaah  Gaahri – A wild fruit – tastes almost like capricorn


ebaah Ehbaa – Crocodile

Daan - Pito Daahn – Local beer made from guinea corn malt

Buogo Buoogo – Silo

Buodaa Buodaah – He goat

Bongk Buongni – Donkeys

Kamaana Kaaman Sierri – Roasted Corn


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